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junho 10, 2010

Phrasal Verbs – Palavras úteis


Bring forward – Antecipar

E.g.: Can we bring forward our meeting by on by an hour?

Call back – Ligar de volta

E.g.: Please, ask him to call me back.

Come up – Surgir (Algo)

E.g.: I can’t attend the meeting anymore. Something has come up.

Count on – Contar com

E.g.: I really count on your help.

Fill in/out – Preencher (ficha)

E.g.: Please, fill out this form.

Get back at – Retornar um contato

E.g.: I am kind of busy now. Can I get back at you in ten minutes?

Get rid of – Livrar-se de algo

E.g.: I must get rid of this problem ASAP

Get in touch – Entrar em contato

E.g.: He will get in touch with us by tomorrow

Give up – Desistir

E.g.: If you give up, you will not succeed.

Go out – Sair (para se divertir)

Fred usually goes out with his friends on weekends

Hand in – Entregar

All employees must hand in the reports by the end of the month. (Neste caso não se usa deliver)


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